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Bloomberg Data for Good Exchange | September 15, 2019

The CSI Tech Incubator sponsored CSI Computer Science and Engineering students to attend Data for Good Exchange 2019 (D4GX), to be held on Sunday, September 15th in NYC. Hosted by Bloomberg, D4GX is a forum for thought-provoking discussions about the use of data for social change.

The focus of the 6th annual D4GX conference is Data Science for the SDGs or how data scientists, corporations, policy makers and researchers can collaborate on data science projects that that will move us toward achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

D4GX promises to be a valuable exchange of information, including discussion of current trends in the field, as well as a networking opportunity for data scientists from industry and academia with not-for-profit, NGO and government participants from around the globe.

Visit Bloomberg for more info.

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