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Thank You to All Tech Talks Series Guest Speakers | July 31, 2020

Thank you to all of our guest speakers during the Summer Tech Talks series highlighting critical facets of startup like and entrepreneurship during COVID-19.

- Dossey Richards of Lotus Technologies on resiliency for startups during COVID-19

- Esmeralda Herrera of Communitas America on entrepreneurship in vulnerable communities

- Kurt Vandebroek of c-f2 on how startups can successfully raise during COVID-19

- Christopher Hollinger of Blackwell Hollinger & Company LLC on tips on managing cash & investments during COVID-19

- Sheena Allen of CapWay on tips and insights on scaling a socially conscious business during COVID-19

Our Summer Tech Talks series has come to a close and we will kick back up in the Fall with another series. Stay tuned!

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