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TTP Residency at CSI Virtual Boot-camp | May 27, 2020

Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP) Residency is a semester-long program designed to provide on-the-job experience to competitive undergraduates, connect local employers to local talent, and deliver industry feedback to inform curricular content throughout New York City schools.​TTP Residency connects qualified computer science majors with NYC businesses and serves to further align college-level curricula with employer needs.

Students enroll in TTP Residency during their junior year where they participate in a pre-internship training that provides web development and soft-skill curricula. Upon completion of the training, participants begin a paid internship at leading NYC businesses in web, mobile developer or software engineering roles and connection to job opportunities post-graduation.

We are excited for CSI's computer science students as they geared up for summer tech internships, joining John Jay College and Brooklyn College for day 1 of their virtual boot-camp!

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