Staten Island Software Engineering Meetup #4 | May 13, 2020



The Lifecycle of a Pull Request - Git Workflows, Plus an Overview of Redis Bloom | Zoom Virtual Event

The speaker for the night will be Daniel Marsh presenting on Git workflows. We will also have a lightning talk on the Redis Bloom Module by Alexander Ginzburg.

Location: Zoom Virtual Event

Hosted by: CSI Tech Incubator


6:30 PM - Networking

6:50 PM - Lightning Talk 1: Redis Bloom Module by Alex Ginzburg

7:00 PM - The Lifecycle of a Pull Request - Github Workflows by Daniel MarshWe'll work through different Git workflows, best practices, and commands that are used in production environments. Including:


1. Team Branching Techniques
2. How big should a Pull Request be? What are some common best practices and workflows of team reviewing Pull Requests?
3. Committing code to production when working on a greenfield project vs an existing codebase.
4. Review of Git commands like rebase and merge


Staten Island Software Engineering Meetup


Be a part of a growing tech community on Staten Island. The CSI Tech Incubator is hosting monthly software engineering meetups with the mission of building a community focused on sharing and learning new computer programming skills.

Each meetup will consist of a lightning talk, followed by an in-depth discussion and networking session. Meetups are open to anyone interested in software engineering. We want to hear from you!

Please give us your feedback and share your interests. Fill out the survey so that we can tailor future meetups just for you:

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