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Web Development Career Workshop | April 9, 2019

Whether you want to start a career as a web developer or looking to launch your own web development business, join us for our Web Development Career Workshop presented by Brandon Phillips and Devon Bussell of Uncanny Studio. We'll provide an overview of front-end programming languages, tools, real life examples and pinpoint both technical and soft skills necessary for delving into the software industry.

Topics covered:

- Career advice

- Making small changes per client request

- Building your development stack

- Types of languages and frameworks

- What does a good development workflow look like

- What are employers looking for

- Transferable skills

- Design culture and design as a career path

- Starting your own web development business

RSVP Today!

April 9 at 2:30pm in Building 1N - Room 114

In collaboration with ELiTe, CSC, ISI, & IEEE Clubs

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