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Forbes Feature | Backing University Research and Innovation is a Prime Mission for Inclusive Capital

By now, everyone who has attended a conference on innovation in New York City knows that Brooklyn is the place where it’s all happening. What fewer people realize, however, is that the “forgotten borough” of Staten Island has been quietly staking its claim on economic growth through innovation. In a movement toward development, their educational research project is called CSI Tech Incubator—an initiative of the admittedly not world renowned, yet admirably scrappy College of Staten Island. This is the first startup program in the borough dedicated to technology innovation.

Through their technology incubator and an engineering makerspace to follow, the college is forging deep partnerships with tech-based startups, the idea being to establish a culture of innovation both on campus and in the neighboring community. Thus, in something akin to a Tesla coil sparking everything within touching distance, a formerly sleepy borough is getting charged with economic energy and knock-on business activity.

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