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Inaugural Program Launch | Spring 2017 Batch

NYC’s North Shore of Staten Island becomes burgeoning center of tech innovation in shadow of NY Wheel, led by CUNY College of Staten Island Technology Incubator. The North Shore of Staten Island is becoming a burgeoning center of technology innovation in New York City, led by the efforts of the CUNY College of Staten Island (CSI) Technology Incubator, and its first round of tech-based entrepreneurs from across the region and around the globe.

Ranging from 3D simulations that drive new ways of seeing design and construction project progress to artificially intelligent apps to improve the tourist experience through environmental interactions and local retail opportunities, the CSI Tech Incubator is also home to a new Artificial Intelligence and facial recognition startup that may enhance operations in New York City public schools and schools across the country.

In addition to the global-record-shattering New York Wheel, the City’s only premium shopping experience at Empire Outlets, the platinum-class Lighthouse Point multi-experience complex, and Ironstate’s barrier-breaking URBY residential village with its own farm-to-table experience, the CSI Tech Incubator is a part of the foundation and epicenter of the Borough’s first innovation district. As this transformative growth continues to unfold on Staten Island’s North Shore, the Incubator will be a driver of economic development that will attract more businesses and additional employment opportunities to the borough.

Leveraging the resources of CUNY (The City University of New York), including its world-renowned faculty and the regional-powerhouse CUNY High-Performance Computing Center with the advanced capabilities of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), the co-working space of the Incubator is a dynamic experience for startups that integrates with the technology ecosystem of New York City and the exponential growth on the North Shore of Staten Island.

“The Chamber is pleased to see three innovative start-up companies selected as the CSI Tech Incubator’s first cohort,” commented Linda M. Baran, president and CEO of the Staten Island Chamber of Commerce. “The Incubator’s direct connection to the world-class programming provided by CSI is exactly the kind of innovative solution our borough needs to foster a dynamic tech community. With this connection, the Incubator will no doubt provide the resources, guidance, and mentorship these businesses will need to succeed in today’s competitive tech marketplace.”

This timing is right for a technology revolution in New York City. The economy is transforming rapidly because of technological innovation, and technology is one of the City’s priority sectors for workforce development. The Internet, mobile technologies, social media, and big data have fostered the creation of thousands of new startup companies across the City, and these new tech startups are reordering the City’s economy and workforce. The CSI Tech Incubator is poised to have Staten Island lay claim to the economic development of the technology sector, deepening the borough’s integration with the fabric of the City’s technology ecosystem.

As of March 27, 2017, local and international tech entrepreneurs determined to make the leap from a startup to something much bigger will have a place to call home. These startups may be uniquely poised to find a permanent home on Staten Island’s North Shore, in light of its many developments.

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