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Welcome to the CSI Tech Incubator!

If you are searching for a community of tech innovators and entrepreneurs on Staten Island that are seeking to advance and grow their startups, you’ve come to the right place!


The Tech Incubator is Staten Island’s first community technology hub, providing comprehensive technology programming for our students and the community. While working closely with minority groups in under-resourced communities in the sphere of tech education, we also provide opportunities for technological innovation and transforming Staten Island into a leading hub for creativity, entrepreneurship, and growth.


We host a multitude of workshops throughout the year available to students and entrepreneurs alike!

  • Meet Entrepreneurs

  • Learn New Skills

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  • Maximize Networking

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These Workshops are hosted by Strategic Mentors, Industry Professionals, and a Dedicated Team in order to Support and Elevate our Entrepreneurs!​

Benefits of Joining Our Community

The CSI Tech Incubator provides opportunity for technological innovation and is transforming Staten Island into a leading hub for creativity, applied research, entrepreneurship and growth.  We leverage the ecosystems of technology and our academic community on behalf of entrepreneurs, the diverse communities of Staten Island and the College. The CSI Tech Incubator removes obstacles, providing entrepreneurs competitive advantages through mentors, talent, investors and the resources of The City University of New York.  We offer access to the Incubator as a learning and tactical business resource and the ensuing socioeconomic opportunity that the Incubator and the technology sector are igniting. 

This program includes access to:


  • Mentors & Investor Network

  • University Facilities

  • Free Co-Working Space

  • CSI's Top Student Talent

  • 90% off HubSpot Discount

Our Consulting Style Program Gives Entrepreneurs Support for Grant Finding, and the Attention They Need from Our Prestigious Faculty to Grow and Scale.

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